Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hello all!
The Aunt is speaking!It has been a long time and I feel it my solemn duty, as ghost-writer for my TWIN SISTER the Mother (yes, the Mother has a TWIN!) to give all of the Starfish & Nadia fans an update and a farewell, as this site has been inactive for quite some time. Over two years! The reasons for the farwell are simple.

Starfish and Nadia have both been globetrotting, and Nadia hasn't been near a computer, or a cell phone for that matter, in over six months. Nadia has been on a mission to Africa to help starving children along the Ndongo river. She was named a local hero when she saved a sacred artifact from being swept away in the Ndongo river. She is now a member of the community's council and she plans on returning to the U.S. in 2010 with her six children and her husband, tribal chief Nkosana.

Starfish however, has gone to over 7 countries as a rock journalist and has traveled with her band on its national tours, and went on her first pilgrimage to the Holy Land.Anyway, after getting multiple tattoos after each of her U.S. tours and several ear and eyebrow piercings later, she currently resides---for this week that is--- in a little shack on Venice Beach in California. With her boyfriend Spider. Don't ask me why he is called Spider. I'm too afraid to ask! :)

But for me, I'm here and there. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Malaysia is pretty nice, until the monsoon comes and then I'm off to Zanzibar... To meet the Zanzibarbarians! I'm still the same... and yet different. Until we meet again, this is the Aunt signing off.
Thanks for the memories!

Thank you and good night.

The Aunt

May 2007

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